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Playing Sports with Orthodontic Braces (Part I)

Teenagers and adults love being active and playing sports. With such an active lifestyle, orthodontic braces treatment should not get in the way of the lifestyle and activities that teenagers and adults pursue. To ensure that one's teeth and braces stay safe and protected when playing sports, it is important to wear an orthodontic mouth-guard.

An orthodontic mouth-guard is an orthodontic appliance that is worn over the teeth and brackets to keep them covered and protected. It is made out of silicone, a soft but sturdy material which protects the teeth from direct impact and force during intense sports.

Unlike normal mouth-guards worn in sports, an orthodontic mouthguard is bigger in order to accommodate the braces, brackets and wires and protect them. Additionally, the use of silicone in orthodontic mouth-guards differs from the material used in normal mouth-guards. The silicone in orthodontic mouth-guards helps to cushion and absorb and impact in addition to keeping the brackets from hitting any hard surface. Additionally, the soft silicone minimises excessive pressure being placed on the teeth and brackets while playing sports.

Orthodontic mouth-guards are both available over the counter as well as being custom-made by an orthodontist. Custom made orthodontic mouth-guards typically have a better fit and are made out of better materials than those available over the counter.

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