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Why DIY Teeth Straightening is harmful? (Part II)

Seeing a patient who performs DIY teeth straightening and determining that the damage inflicted to the teeth is so extensive that the teeth cannot be saved is such a shame as the situation could have been easily prevented with enough patient education and awareness. By the time the patient recognises that something is wrong with the teeth after DIY teeth straightening, the damage inflicted may not be reversible even with professional help. Additionally, the cost of professional help to correct the damage is expensive and the outcome will never be as ideal as the teeth before DIY teeth straightening. Accordingly, it is especially important to understand that orthodontic treatment has no shortcuts and requires professional supervision by a qualified specialist to achieve a healthy set of teeth and a beautiful smile for a life time.

The survey also found that the age range on people who attempted DIY teeth straightening ranged between 8 years old to over 60 years old. 39% of orthodontist who reported seeing DIY patients had to provide corrective and restorative treatment. Also majority of the orthodontists surveyed indicated that the patients would have saved time, money and their teeth had they chosen to consult with an orthodontist for professional treatment in the first place.

According to Dr McCamish, the rise of DIY teeth straightening can be attributed to social media with hundreds on videos on YouTube teaching people how to straighten their teeth. However, these instructors are not qualified Orthodontists and seem to be targeting self-conscious and price-sensitive people who are ignorant of the unintended harmful consequences from DIY teeth straightening.

With many harmful consequences from DIY teeth straightening, it is imperative to not proceed with it. Having confidence in one's teeth and smile is absolutely priceless and the best way to achieve it is to visit a trained, qualified and licensed Orthodontist for a proper evaluation and assessment to devise an optimal treatment plan.

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