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How should Singaporeans countdown to the end of braces treatment?

Braces treatment can help to straighten a patient's teeth, correct bite problems and improve a patient's smile. However, the process can take a while and the length of treatment may seem daunting for a patient once the braces are first put on. Counting down the time to the end of the braces treatment may seem unending but implementing the correct strategies and a positive mindset can help the time to pass by more swiftly and build up anticipation for the completion of braces treatment and the removal of braces.

Reward System

Creating a reward system in which the patient receives rewards for continuing to wear braces or achieving certain milestones may increase a patient's compliance with the orthodontist's instruction and make the process of wearing braces less burdensome as the time will appear to pass much faster. The rewards can be scheduled to coincide with key dental appointments instead of fixed dates in order to make the reward system more meaningful. Keeping clear from edible rewards may be

Calendar System / Countdown Chart

Implementing a calendar system or countdown chart to countdown the days and striking off each day that goes by provides a visual reminder of the progress a patient makes. It helps a patient to keep focused and builds up anticipation for the removal of braces. To make a calendar system more appealing, a patient can add pictures or photos for each month. A paper chain is a unique twist on the calendar system. Instead of counting down or crossing off the days, a piece of paper is added to a paper chain for every week/month of the braces treatment. Adding a new link to lengthen the paper chain shows the patient how far they have come. Also, writing a reason such as why did I get my teeth straightened or what can I look forward to with my braces removed on each paper link added to the chain can make the system even more meaningful.

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