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What are some dental tips for Singaporeans going on holiday?

Before going on vacation, Singaporeans would do well to follow the list of dental tips:

1. Prepare a dental kit

To ensure that one does not miss out any important dental devices/appliances, one should prepare a dental kit prior to travelling. A checklist of items to include in this dental kit are as follows:

- Toothbrush

- Floss

- Interdental cleaners

- Toothpaste

- Tongue Scraper

- Mouth rinse

- Orthodontic wax to minimise discomfort from protruding wires

- Small mirror for examining teeth if the need arises

- Bands for braces treatment

*And most importantly*

- Retainers

Most importantly, a patient who has completed orthodontic braces treatment should remember to bring their set of retainers along. This is because retainers are unique and tailor-made to a patient's set of teeth and unlike the items listed in the checklist above, cannot be replaced easily while overseas.

2. Avoid certain foods

A patient undergoing orthodontic braces treatment should be extremely mindful of the food that he/she is consuming. This is to prevent broken brackets as well as wire distortion when certain foods are consumed. The list of foods to avoid includes:

- Chewy, sticky food

- Large pieces of hard fruit (should be cut into smaller pieces prior to consumption)

- Hard bread rolls and bagels

- Hard candies

- Hard cookies and pretzels

- Hard nuts including peanuts, almonds and cashews

Following these tips will ensure that one has a pleasant vacation, and reduce the chance of orthodontic mishaps which may derail one's holiday plans.

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