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Why should Singaporeans do Braces Treatment?

The chief advantage of straight teeth is a beautiful smile and a harmonious facial profile. Numerous studies have found that a beautiful smile and pleasant facial profile engenders confidence which is essential at any age. For kids, a beautiful smile contributes to a healthy and positive self concept which develops present success and supports future achievements. For adults, confidence is essential in navigating professional and personal social situations.

While an improved appearance is a key advantage, braces also confer other benefits. Straight teeth improves day to day functional actions such as biting, chewing and speaking. Moreover, straight teeth contribute to improved dental care as they are easier to brush, floss and clean. Healthy teeth and gums combined with a solid dental routine will vastly improve oral hygiene and prevent the onset of dental problems such as periodontal disease and cavities.

Straight teeth and well-aligned jaws may also reduce wear and tear. When teeth are not in the proper position, grinding may occur which causes the surface of the teeth to be worn down. Moreover, other problems such as TMJ pain and poor chewing may result. Straight teeth also have better structural strength and are less prone to injury in cases of physical trauma.

Considering the wide host of benefits offered by braces, Singaporeans should definitely consider braces treatment if they have crooked teeth. Investing in orthodontics early on in life is definitely preferable to spending much more on additional dental work to correct the problems that surface later on in life.

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