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Malocclusion (Part II) - Causes of Malocclusion (Singapore Orthodontics)

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Causes of Malocclusion

Malocclusion is caused by irregularities with the shape or size of the jaw or teeth. This happens when there is too much or little space in the jaw. If the jaw is small, the teeth will grow crooked and crowded. If the jaw is big, the teeth will grow out of place.

There are also several conditions which alter the shape and structure of the jaw. These conditions include:


* Cleft lip and palate

* Abnormally shaped or impacted teeth

* Long-term mouth breathing


* Habitual thumb sucking in early childhood

* Frequent use of pacifier

* Prolonged use of bottle feeding


* Tumors in the mouth or jaw

* Injuries causing misalignment

* Poor dental care resulting in improperly fitting dental devices such as fillings, crowns or braces

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