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Malocclusion (Part IV) - Types of Malocclusion (Singapore Orthodontics)

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Having covered a brief introduction of malocclusion as well as the causes and symptoms of malocclusion, we will now look at the different types of malocclusion that affect Singapore Orthodontic patients.

Open bite

Even though the molars (rear teeth) may fit together, the upper and lower front teeth do not meet. Without an overlap, there is an opening straight into the mouth.

Over bite

Over bite occurs when the upper front teeth extend over the lower front teeth. In excessive over bite cases, the lower front teeth may bite into the roof of the mouth.

Under bite

Under bite occurs when the the upper front teeth are further backward in relation to the lower front teeth.

Cross bite

Cross bite happens when the upper teeth fit into the wrong side of the lower teeth.


Overjet, otherwise known as upper protrusion or buck teeth, occurs when the upper front teeth are pushed outward. The common causes for overjet are small lower jaw, use of pacifier or thumb-sucking during infancy.

Spacing or crowding

Too much room will cause spacing problems while too little room results in crowding problems. Crowding of teeth can result in permanent teeth coming in irregularly.

Misplaced midline

Misplace midline refers to the misalignment between the centerline of the upper front teeth and the centerline of the lower front teeth.


Rotation problems happen when a tooth is turned out of position.


Transposition problems occur when teeth erupt in each other's positions.

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