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Malocclusion (Part III) - Symptoms of Malocclusion (Singapore Orthodontics)

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Malocclusion is most apparent when teeth are crooked and protruded. Poor fit and alignment of the teeth can be classified into the following:


Overjet otherwise known as buck teeth occurs when the upper front teeth are pushed outwards causing the lower teeth to be too far behind the upper teeth.


Underbite occurs when the lower front teeth are positioned further forward as compared to the upper front teeth resulting in the upper front teeth being far behind the lower front teeth.

Besides the poor alignment of teeth, other physical symptoms could indicate malocclusion

* Discomfort and problems when chewing or biting food

* Frequent biting of the inner cheeks, tongue or roof of the mouth

* Speech problems such as slurring speech, lisp, trouble saying certain words

* Mouth breathing rather than nasal breathing

* Change in facial appearance

* Pain in the face/jaw

* Permanent teeth erupting in the wrong position

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