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Malocclusion (Part I) - What is Malocclusion? (Singapore Orthodontics)

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Malocclusion refers to crooked teeth or a poor bite. Crooked teeth refers to the imperfect alignment of the teeth, while poor bite refers to the misalignment between the upper teeth and lower teeth. The ideal situation is for a person to have straight teeth and a normal bite, which means that the upper teeth are slightly in front of the lower teeth.

Although malocclusion can be a cosmetics issue , one should not discount the impact on self-esteem. Patients with malocclusion may feel awkward and self-conscious when talking or smiling. Malocclusion can also be a functional issue as crooked teeth and a poor bite can be hard to clean, thus increasing the risk of tooth decay or tooth loss. In extreme cases, malocclusion can cause problems with eating or speaking.

Orthodontic treatment can resolve malocclusion by straightening the teeth and correcting the position of the jaw. This not only improves appearance but also improves function and allows a patient to talk, eat and smile better.

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