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F&B [Food & Braces] (Part V)

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In Part IV of F&B Food & Braces, we looked at how to take care of the braces and teeth by flossing and brushing regularly. In Part V, we will look at how to other good practices to adopt.

* Wear rubber bands

Rubber bands are prescribed by the orthodontist to correct misalignment between the the teeth. The rubber bands are worn by looping the rubber band on the hook of a bracket to another hook on a different bracket. The tension exerted by the rubber bands help to move the teeth into a correct alignment. The rubber bands should be worn consistently unless otherwise advised by the orthodontist. The rubber bands should only be removed during brushing or consumption of food. Consistency is key to the effective application of rubber bands.

* Follow appointment schedule

The orthodontist will provide a schedule of follow-up appointments for checkup and tightening. Adhering to the schedule is essential to ensuring that the braces are working and that the teeth are moving in the intended direction. Avoiding or rescheduling appointments repeatedly will result in an increased duration for orthodontic braces treatment.

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