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Sensitive Teeth (Part I)

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Have you ever experienced pain or discomfort when consuming cold foods or drinking hot beverages?

If you have such experiences, you may be a victim of sensitive teeth. This condition alone, affects more than 40 million adults in the United states according to the Academy of General Dentistry. And, as with any dental condition, a visit to the dentist for diagnosis and treatment is in order.

But before you make that trip to the dentist, its good to find out more about sensitive teeth. In this series, we will analyse and examine this condition and the corresponding treatment options for it.

What is Sensitive Teeth?

Teeth have an interior made out of dentin. Dentin contains tiny nerve endings which transmit the feeling of pain and discomfort to your brain when stimulated. To prevent stimulation, dentin on the crown is protected by a hard outer layer of tooth called enamel, while dentin extending down to the root is shielded by a layer of cementum. When the enamel of cementum is worn down, the nerve endings in the dentin are exposed. This causes them to be stimulated by hot, cold, acidic or sticky food and beverages which results in the characteristic discomfort and pain associated with sensitive teeth.

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