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How Can I Brush My Teeth Better? (Part II)

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In How Can I Brush My Teeth Better (Part I), we explored several ways to improve oral hygeine. Part II continues from Part I to highlight further areas for improvement.

The right toothbrush should be chosen based on considerations of size of toothbrush head, type of toothbrush bristles, type of handle and expert recommendation. Choosing the right toothbrush will ensure effective cleaning of the teeth and minimize any discomfort caused by an ill-fitting toothbrush.

* Spending enough time brushing

The duration of brushing is an important factor in ensuring that the teeth are properly cleaned. Spending too short a time brushing will not remove all the food debris and bacteria in the mouth.

* Avoid overbrushing

Over-zealous brushing is not ideal as too much brushing can wear down the gums and damage tooth enamel. The frequency of brushing should not exceed 3 times/day. Brushing should not be performed too forcefully as this also could wear down the teeth.

* Keep the brush clean

The brush should be rinsed after brushing to remove any leftover toothpaste and food particles caught in the bristles. Over time, these remnants can provide a breeding ground for bacteria.

* Leave the brush to air-dry

The brush should not be kept in a damp or moist environment which promotes the growth of bacteria. Instead, it should be left to air-dry after rinsing of the brush.

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