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How Do I Choose A Toothbrush?

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The tooth brush is an essential appliance for ensuring healthy teeth and oral hygiene. It is a device comprised of bristles and a handle and is used to clean the teeth and gums. Here are some considerations for choosing the right toothbrush.

1. Toothbrush Head

The size of the toothbrush head should be appropriate and fitting for the mouth of the user. Too large a toothbrush head may cause difficulty in maneuvering the toothbrush and impair effective cleaning of the teeth surface in hard to reach areas like the sides and backs of the molars. While the size of the toothbrush head affects the cleaning of teeth, the shape of the toothbrush head whether tapered or rectangular should be left to the individual's preference and comfort.

2. Toothbrush Bristles

Different patterns exist for the bristle on the toothbrush head. Like the size of the toothbrush head, this should be left to the individual's preference and comfort. However, the bristles should be soft because medium and hard bristled brushes could damage the teeth and gums if vigorous brushing is performed.

3. Toothbrush Handle

The toothbrush handle should provide a firm grip to enable precise cleaning of teeth. The handles can be straight, flexible or angled and may come with a ribbed surface for slip prevention. Like the pattern of toothbrush bristles, the choice should be left to the individual's preference and comfort.

4. Expert Recommendation

Toothbrushes that have earned the American Dental Association Seal of Approval are highly recommended for their high quality, safety and effectiveness.

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