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Orthodontic Braces

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Orthodontic treatments for children and adults in Singapore by an experienced American trained orthodontist, with a special interest in dental facial orthopaedics

Who we are -

Results-Driven Orthodontics -

Your Best Self -

A great first impression makes a world of difference. All it takes is 3 seconds for a person to evaluate you during a first encounter and in this short window, a person will form an opinion based on your physical appearance and bearing, demeanour and conduct as well as body language and mannerisms. These first impressions are significant because they are hard to change and they set the tone for the relationship and interactions that follow.

Key to a good first impression is beautiful teeth and a confident smile. According to a study by Invisalign, 29% of Americans surveyed say that teeth are the first facial feature noticed when meeting someone and 24% of Americans surveyed indicated that teeth are the facial feature remembered most after meeting someone. Unequivocally, having an amazing smile and a straight set of teeth will do wonders for establishing an unforgettable first impression.

The benefits of a great smile and straight teeth go beyond a strong first impression. Those with straight teeth are perceived as happier, friendlier and healthier, with more popularity, self-esteem and trustworthiness. Those with straight teeth also have a higher chance of attracting a possible mate and securing a second date. Moreover, those with straight teeth are more likely to have professional success, more likely to attain a job against a candidate with the similar skill set and experience and are more likely to clinch a face-forward job. Clearly, a winning smile and straight teeth are powerful and potent physical assets that will maximize your potential in both personal and professional spheres.  

Targeted Outcomes -

smile (3).png

Full and
welcoming Smile


Facial balance and symmetry


Well Proportioned


Higher confidence and self-esteem




Jaw alignment and harmony

clean (2).png

Smoother cheek contours

braces (1).png

Functional and proper bite

Cosmetic and functional Dentistry -

Dr Chua Ai Lian

Orthodontic Clinic

Here at Dr Chua Ai Lian Orthodontic Clinic @ JGH Dental Clinic, we are guided by our conviction that orthodontics should deliver both cosmetic and functional dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry involves the visual perception of beauty, which incorporates symmetry, balance and harmony. On the other hand, functional dentistry concerns the utility of the teeth and jaws, the economy of biting movement and impact, the fit and synergy of the mouth, teeth and jaw. Pairing a deep understanding of the subtleties and complexities of functional dentistry with a keen appreciation of the aesthetics of cosmetics dentistry gained over 25+ years of orthodontics experience and advanced training in the U.S., we aim to equip you with healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, your best assets that will last you a lifetime.    

Dr Chua Ai Lian Orthodontist Clinic

Our Invitation -

Welcome to Dr Chua Ai Lian Orthodontic Clinic @ JGH Dental Clinic! We are a specialist orthodontic dental clinic, centrally and conveniently located at Paragon Medical Suite, along Orchard Road, that provides high quality and comprehensive orthodontic treatment for children, youth and adults in Singapore. Our orthodontic practice is fully equipped with modern facilities and the latest technology to diagnose, prevent and correct misaligned and malpositioned teeth and jaws. Whether you are a parent looking to find out more about braces treatment for your children or a working professional looking to begin a new phase of life with a healthy, beautiful smile and straight teeth, we are here for you!  

Your smile and straight teeth are our utmost priority. We are dedicated to creating healthy teeth patterns and beautiful smiles that will dramatically impact the way you look and feel. We are convicted about the power of orthodontics to transform and change lives as orthodontics is not simply about straightening teeth but also improving confidence and delivering a positive self-image. We want to join together with you, and work as a team to bring about your best self with bright, radiant and healthy smiles that will last a lifetime.  

In our warm, modern and professional patient-focused environment, we are focused on treating patients from all walks of life. We have a strong international outlook, being part of the JGH Dental Clinic (Japan Green Clinic). Moreover, our orthodontics specialist, Dr Chua Ai Lian has received extensive advanced orthodontics training in the United States, and she possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in tackling the challenges and complexities of orthodontics and dento facial orthopaedics. 

From braces to retainers, we strive to ensure the highest standards of patient care and treatment, with the goal of giving you a smile that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Pairing specialised orthodontic technique honed by years of experience with sophisticated orthodontic technology, we aim to tailor a treatment plan that meets your individual needs and execute a treatment programme with minimal discomfort and the best results for patients of all ages.

We not only correct and straighten teeth and jaws, but also engage in early treatment for young children to intercept and prevent complicated dental problems. We believe that beautiful smiles for small children can make a big difference in their lives. We are committed to transforming the way you bite, look and smile with our effective treatment and professional care. We are highly invested in the beauty of your smile and with our patients as our priority we aim to treat everyone with personalized care and individualized attention.

Our resident specialist, Dr Chua Ai Lian, is a highly-qualified American trained Orthodontist who has spent over 25 years in Orthodontic practice. With her extensive experience and expertise, we are confident that we can customise a treatment plan and programme that will deliver straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Our objective is to boost your self-esteem and appearance with a winning smile and a straight set of teeth to help you succeed both socially and professionally.

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